SSFD Safe Vehicle Operation SOP

Richard O'Gorman



Attached is SSFD’s Safe Vehicle Operation SOP (will also be posted on the Google Drive with other SOP’s).  Some of it applies just to front line apparatus and emergency driving, but most of it translates to the safe operation of 580. 


So all members please take note.  Even if you’re not a 580 Driver, Section 5 – “Backing Apparatus” and Appendix A – “Approved Hand Signals” applies to all FC members.  We should all be prepared to serve as Spotters when 580 Drivers have to back up/turn the truck around.


Thank you,


Richard O’Gorman

Captain, SSFD Fire Corps



Patsy Brownson



I wanted to send out a recap of the Sandy Springs Festival last weekend and a HUGE shout out to:


Mike Bashista

Ivan & Janis Beck

Rodney Brownson

Maura-Ellen Bryan

Jon & Maggie Ehrlich

Stacy Gensler

Rich Maser

Joan Wasser

Tracy Wilson

Justin Sparano – who made it at the tail end, after flying in from a business trip


Also sending out a very special thank you to Nya Blocker and Wanda Haley (CFA Students).  But very special kudos to Toshia Battle, a past graduate of CFA.  She went above and beyond, volunteering both days in the afternoon heat and did a stellar job promoting CFA, Fire Corps and the upcoming Family & Friends CPR/AED classes.


580 and the Safety Trailer were there with a couple of engines, tower and boat rescue staged at different times of the day.  Full rehab was set up and manned along with lots of giveaways and promotional materials.  The Festival was very busy, more so in the morning during cooler temperatures.  But everyone enjoyed our two misting fans and watching the Firefighters during their exercises.  Several citizens joined in the fun.  Overall we only had a few citizens and one Firefighter needing serious rehab.  Most were able to cool down with wet towels and cold water.  We had one citizen who was bitten by fire ants and needed an Epi Pen.


I cannot say for sure if everyone had a good time, because it was SO HOT, but we made it through.


Thank you to everyone for their volunteerism and hard work.  In addition, the Fire Corps and CFA volunteers received kudos from the Fire Department Brass.



Patsy Brownson, NREMT

Fire Corps Logistics Lead