580/A&L Trailer Location at Station 4

Richard O'Gorman


Was just notified that 580 and the Air & Light Trailer have temporarily been moved outside behind Station 4 again.  This is due to more paving work at the station.  As usual, the keys will be kept in the Captain’s office.  580 and the A&L Trailer should return to their normal parking places by next Tuesday or soon after.

Additionally, led by Chief Janflone, SSFD is providing hearing protection for personnel working with/near loud equipment or other high decibel situations.  The FC is no exception, and Reggie has placed a supply of ear plugs in the cab of 580 and inside the A&L Trailer.  (Patsy can determine an appropriate location on 580 when she returns.)  Recommend FC members utilize this hearing protection as advised.  There is much information available on this subject (e.g. https://www.cdc.gov/nceh/hearing_loss/default.html).  Without the benefit of decibel measurement, I believe examples of when FC should wear hearing protection include (but are not limited to) working around the following when in operation: A&L Trailer, SCBA Fill Station, Air Compressor carried on 580, and the Air Compressor that lives upstairs at Station 4.  Will share any guidance SSFD publishes on this subject.

Richard O’Gorman
Captain, SSFD Fire Corps

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